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Foundation Tips Every Woman Should Know

Foundation is one of the most important part of your makeup regime. Whether you are wearing it medium or full coverage.

Your Skin Type should tell you what foundation you should choose.

Dry skinCreams and Liquids

Oily SkinPowder foundations work best

Find the right shade for your skin tone that matches your neck.

Start by cleansing the skin with Bioderma Crealine H20  which acts as a cleanser and a prep for your skin. This is a wonderful cleansing water. And it is great for all skin types.

Moisturize and prime your face working the cream deep into your skin.

Apply foundation in downward strokes.

Stipple your foundation rather than rubbing it on to your face

Always set your foundation with a translucent powder and it will stay right there. MAC

Invest in a good stippling brush. Expert Face Brush.

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Start Reading Labels

# Go Paraben Free

# Read Labels 

# Always be informed


Check your cosmetics for the presence of “parabens


Very often we go for the best brands and fragrances, often neglecting the key factors.


What are Parabens?


It has been a practice for many many years where manufactures have been adding preservatives to cosmetics.

Parabens have a preservative quality and help maintain the freshness of personal care products to make them
survive for years inDawn_Tobin_makeup_bridal_fashion your cabinet, by keeping fungus and bacteria away and are much valued by manufacturers.
Cosmetics that may contain Paraben are Moisterisers, Hair-care Products, Shaving products and many more.
According to, the body can absorb as much as five pounds of cosmetic chemicals every year.

Despite the evidence connecting Parabens to cancer and other health issues, cosmetic giants are fighting to keep it legal, as it is cheaper than using natural preservatives.

We tend to buy large bottles as they are cheaper. But have you given it a deep thought? Manufactures produce cosmetics in large batches to bring down the cost and save time. The products are stored for many months before they are shipped to distributors, shipping warehouses and many other places. During this time the products go through a lot of changes (heat very often) before it reaches you.

Parabens are usually easy to identify by name, such as methylparaben, propylparaben,  butylparaben, or benzylparaben.


Look out for them!!!!