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Every bride is unique and wants to achieve a natural effortless beauty on her wedding day. She wants to be radiant, feminine and feel the confidence that comes from within.

We assist in creating a calm and enjoyable experience, keeping your wedding day stress free and ensuring you look your very best on the most memorable day of your life.

Our makeup lasts for at least 8 hours irrespective of skin type.

The wedding makeup and hairstyle usually takes up to two and a half hours, depending on the length of the hair and style that has been selected.
As a Professional Makeup Artist HYGIENE is my number one priority. The makeup brushes and products I use on clients are cleaned and sanitized after every use. My kit is organised and is constantly maintained.

Bridal Makeup Trial

The trial is highly recommended before the wedding. This is a time to choose exactly the look you would like to go with, so that on your wedding day, it can be mastered and applied efficiently.
You can replicate a picture that inspires you. We would like to see a picture of makeup you like and what you don’t.

A request:  When looking for pictures, keep in mind women with similar bone structure as yourself, so that the look “translates” well to your face without too much adjustment. For instance, eye makeup styles that are beautiful on large eyes  will not have the same impact on small eyes.

A consultation to determine the perfect wedding day look will take approximately an hour. However, prior to out meeting, it would be nice if you could make a collection of pictures of makeup looks and hairstyles that inspire you for my reference.

The trial is chargeable.

Book Your Makeup Trials Well In Advance

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your bridal makeup trials to the last-minute; after all you want your face to be as perfect as your gown or Sari.
Even if you have a perfect complexion, a few days before the wedding is not a good time for a facial. Even a very good complexion may flare up under the pressure of wedding planning.

Deep facial massages and clean-ups may leave your skin with redness and bumps that may not go away in time for your wedding day. A gentle fruit and oil free facial is the best treatment you can give your skin 7 days prior to your wedding day.

You will find quite a variety of brands, some you’ll probably recognize ( Mac, Kryolan, Estee Lauder, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay). I use only tried-and-true products made for professional makeup artists &  of professional quality. From this large selection, I  choose the right products for you, your skin type & desired makeup style.

Accessories used for the hair will be charged accordingly or You may bring your own hair accessories.


Please remember that formal hairstyles work better if hair is a “bit” oily.
Please make sure that hair is not freshly washed. Squeaky clean hair, as a rule, is not the easiest to work with.
Regardless of what type of curl you are going for, it is a general rule of thumb that hair washed the day before and slept on or “dirty hair” is more manageable to work with and will hold any type of curl for a longer period of time. Do not flat-iron your hair.

Do Not add any product to your hair after washing it, for example – Conditioner, Spa Treatment, relaxers or any leave in conditioners. It will not hold any style. And you will be left disappointed.

The idea is that your hair not be “dirty” but that the moisture and oil in your hair must be properly balanced so that your hair will hold a style.
If you have straight hair it will be helpful if you blow dry your hair with your head tipped upside down as it will give body.
If you have curly hair and you want to wear it curly, allow your hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser and apply anti frizz hair product so it does not become frizzy.
Chemically straightened hair will never curl easily, no matter how good the hair styling products used are!  So try to opt for a different hair do for your big day.

Eye Brows
Even though your eyebrows may not seem important to you. A well-shaped eyebrow can change your entire face. Avoid thin or sharp arched eyebrows. Keep it as close to its natural growth pattern.

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