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Personalize you skin care routine.

Very few of us have it lucky and the rest have to work every day to have that, “much desired smooth flawless skin.”

I do not see looking after your- self is hard work in any way. It boosts self confidence and makes you walk tall.

Many I meet, “belittle themselves and how they look.” When I ask them about their skin care routine, the answer is almost the same from every one, “I did it in the past but, it got so boring that I discontinued.”

No one has achieved anything without effort. And tending to self, is no sweat at all.

“Foundation lays itself flawless on good skin. The results are surprising.”

Good Skin Dawn Tobin

1. CLEANSE – TONE – MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE  every day when you wake up in the morning & before going to bed at night.

2. Start your day with a glass of water
3. Eat a fruit before your morning cup of tea
4. Drink a lot of fluid during the day.
5. Exfoliate once a week
6. Dry skin needs as much attention as oily skin does.


Major Akshay Girish- Son, Hero, Martyr

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