“Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet.” Francois Nars


Dawn Tobin @makeupbydawntobin on all social media

Dawn is a certified Makeup Artist and started her career in 
makeup in the year 2013.

Dawn comes from the airline world. She started her career as a Cabin Crew in Bombay, with Air India. She was also was an In-Flight Instructor & a Grooming Instructor for Cabin Crew with a leading airline in Chennai. She was a Corporate Trainer with Cognizant Technologies and Solutions Bangalore.
She is very passionate about animals and spends a lot of her free time loving, rescuing, & helping them.

She absolutely loves her newfound career as a Makeup artist and has a strong passion for makeup artistry & everything that comes with it. Dawn is amazing with her clients (brides)and they love her for the comfort she brings to them. She has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women from all around the world. And truly enjoys what she does, and she is so thankful to all those who have trusted in her on their wedding day.

Having worked with eminent photographers from doing work for photoshoots, fashion shows, commercial advertisements, YouTube films, and countless weddings, her focus is on creating natural, fresh & polished bridal looks. Her artist approach and style comes from her belief of “Timeless Over Trends”.

As a commercial model herself in the past, she has had the privilege of her Make-up done by the best in the industry for her shoots. She has worked on ad campaigns for Shoppers Stop, Lalitha Jewelers, Burlington’s Home Shopping. This put her face to face with the most incredible Photographers and makeup artists in the Indian Fashion industry.

Thanks for getting in touch with me.

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