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How to remove your makeup

Removing your make up is the first step to having clear and beautiful skin. 

It is absolutely essential that you remove your makeup every night.  I love using the good old petroleum jelly to clean my eye makeup. I still do so however, it could cause stys and other problems if not cleaned properly.

You can use baby oil, olive oil and baby wipes they work just as well.  However, different skin types have different needs.

Makeup removal has come a long way. Beauty Store shelves are loaded with makeup remover solutions, that help remove water proof foundation, eyeliner and even mascara: just like that. So you will have to see what suits you best.

The best way to begin cleaning your face, is by taking a pump or two of cleanser and applying it gently around your face and eyes, in circular motions. Take a soft wash cloth and dip it in hot water, ring it and place it over your face. This feels like a spa treatment and the warmth loosens up all the makeup.  Next wipe your face and eyes gently and you will see all your makeup on the towel.


Lakme’ Absolute – Rs.250 – Loreal’s – Rs. 450 – Body shop Chamomile – Rs 650

 Don’t end with this!!

Wash your face with a liquid face wash cleanser, pat dry and follow up with a moisturiser.



Avoid sharing your makeup and brushes with anyone and clean your brushes with a brush cleanser. I use Mac’s Brush cleanser and it is wonderful.





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