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A Fashion Models Bag – Ever wonder what it contains?


Models Bag

This is a guide for all Beautiful Models 

Keep everything that you need to carry with you for the shoot ready the day before the shoot.  This too will put you in a relaxed frame of mind and help in being punctual. Please pack your belongings in a way that leaves your clothes wrinkle free.

A Bag Every Beautiful Model must Carry to work

  1. Lip Balm
  2. Roll on Deodorant
  3. A Face moisturiser you are comfortable with
  4. Moisturiser for legs and hands
  5. Cell phone Charger
  6. Mouth Wash / Breath Mints
  7. Eye Drops -Visine / Saline Solution – For dry and/or irritated eyes and for when your contact lenses need lubricating.
  8. Band Aid
  9. Pair of good Shoes
  10. Clear Nail Polish /Neutral Nail Polish
  11. Nail Polish Remover / Cotton
  12. Nail File/ Nail Clippers / Nail Buffer
  13. Hand Sanitiser
  14. Tweezers
  15. Deodorant/Baby Wipes/Soap – For freshening up after long hours on the set.
  16. Makeup Remover, Q-Tips & Cotton swabs – For gently removing the makeup from your skin after a show or shoot.
  17. Straws – Use these to drink beverages with on set to keep your lipstick on and to avoid staining your teeth.
  18. Safety pins – For immediate fixes when a zipper breaks, a garment rips or a clasp breaks on jewelry.
  19. A Small Mirror – So you can apply your makeup and touch up your makeup when necessary.
  20. Robe – Models spend an inordinate amount of time in their underwear. Nothing can make you more uncomfortable than having to prance around naked in a room filled with strangers.

Remember This: Having a properly stocked model bag will make you much easier to work with and will convey to others that you are professional. So pack it carefully and remember to check it after a few shows/gigs and restock as necessary. Remember, your looks, your attitude and your professionalism will either make or break you in this industry. It’s always better to be well prepared than unprepared. Add or edit things as you feel you need to but always keep your bag packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice! 

And that’s a long list for you ..but worth having these things close to you……Keep smiling.