“Makeup is an art that never goes out of style”. 

If you are a person who believes in “Hard work, Commitment, Constant Practice, and Patience,” please enroll in my Professional Bridal Makeup Course.


With me, you’ll learn and get everything you need, to start working on the basic fundamentals of makeup, all the way to the advanced techniques, including celebrity, fashion editorial, bridal makeup, and final certification. You will learn the latest techniques and secrets of the makeup industry. We ensure you a great learning experience, with every detail taught to you.

You will be provided with a complimentary starter kit, that contains important brushes that you will need for your kit.

The curriculum is perfect for makeup artists who are pursuing work on bridal, private clients, special occasions, fashion, and film, and beginners who are looking at making a career in the beauty industry.

A one-on-one personal education will be given to each student, at all times. I advocate freedom and knowledge, so creative people can make a living through the art of makeup.

You will Learn the latest Foundation & eyeshadow techniques, i.e “Cut Crease, Use of Glitter, Smokey Eyes, Eyebrow drawing, Fashion Makeup”, and a lot more.

For details about the course, you may get in touch with me through email.

I ensure that all our makeup products are sanitized and disinfected after every use with isopropyl alcohol 70%. This is the only way to be certain that they are 100% safe for use.


Artists First:  I put our artists and their needs first and foremost.
Best Care: I provide the best support possible to each artist, whenever, wherever.
Mentorship: I provide life-long mentorship for both makeup artistry and life in general.
Lasting Relationships: I strive to build a close relationship with every artist, lasting past graduation.
Affordability: I provide the highest quality education at an affordable cost.
Excellence: I show our artists the significance of high expectations, to achieve excellence as a professional, and as a human being.
Relevancy: I constantly update myself, with the most recent information in makeup artistry.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeupbydawntobin/

Email:  dwmtobin@gmail.com

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