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“Professional Certificate and Diploma Course in Makeup Artistry” Batch 2020 . ™ BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW

Course Level » Beginners to Advanced”

If you are serious about getting into the beauty industry and want all the skills to be able to get out there and work. This is the course for you.

The 12 day  Makeup course which will take you from the basics to having a complete level of skills and the understanding required to be a professional free lance makeup artist. This will enable you to start working immediately as a professional in the industry with confidence.

You will be taken through all the basic skills in professional makeup artistry. It covers day, evening, special occasion and bridal looks, plus all the techniques required to achieve this end.

Who Is this course for?

This makeup course is suitable for both beginners, and those who wish to refresh or update their natural skills.

The course is balanced between. 

  • Makeup Theory
  • Demonstrations
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Practice sessions
  • Product knowledge

The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years

Required Brushes : 

Foundation Brush /Buffing Brush / Flat Eye-shadow Brush

Eyeliner Brush / Blush Brush /  Lip Brush

Please note: You will be required to bring a digital photographic device (phone/camera) to keep a record of your work. Please backup your photographs regularly during the course.

Please note: The students will be working on each other. However, if you have problematic skin, or cannot be worked on for any other reason, you will be required to bring in a model to replace yourself.

12 Days : 20 hrs per week – Monday To Friday – 10:00 – 14:00

Limited Seats6 students per batch. 

Email us for details: @ dwmtobin@gmail.com 




Dawn_tobin_makeup_Bangalore Asitha_Chandrappa1

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